6+ Dark Campbell/Dutch Hookbill Duck Hatching Eggs


10 Years
Apr 17, 2009
Kildare, Wisconsin
My incubator is full, and I have extra duck eggs!

I'm in the process of separating all the ducks into breeding pens, but they haven't been patient with me and are laying too many eggs, much earlier than I anticipated!

Not everyone is laying yet, so this auction is for 6+ (whatever the ducks lay over the weekend) eggs from a pen that currently houses: 2 Dark Campbell drakes, 4 Dark Campbell hens, and a pair of Dutch Hookbills. So - the ducklings from these eggs could be pure Campbell, pure Hookbill, or Hookbill/Campbell crosses. I just separated my pair of Indian Runners out of this pen this week, so there's a possibility that my Buff Runner drake may have fertilized a few of these eggs as well. The eggs are collected early in the morning and stored in egg flats in the basement and turned three times a day.

Whether they're pure or crosses, these ducklings will be small-sized, egg-type ducks - perfect for a small, starter laying flock. I have a batch of these eggs in the incubator right now, and they're 100% fertile and developing. Buying shipped eggs is a gamble, and I can't guarantee your hatch rate. Eggs will be individually bubble-wrapped and packed tightly in a priority mail box, to be shipped Monday or Tuesday next week.

PM me if you have any questions! I will have purebred Dark Campbell eggs in a month or so - once everyone's been separated long enough for me to be certain of the parentage. Shipping is included in price. Payment will be Paypal to: [email protected]





Whether you're a first-timer or have hatched hundreds of ducklings before, I have a incubation and duckling care instruction sheet that I'll pack along with the eggs - just to give you a few tips and help you out!
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