6 hens in Hudson Valley NY


9 Years
Oct 18, 2013
Looking to rehome my 6 very friendly hens to a family that will love them.
Buff Orpington, Silver Laced Wynadotte, Golden Laced Wynadotte, Wellsummer
Will be in NYC next week for work...can meet you...
By the way they would be living in Saranac lake...Adk mountains of NY

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Hi ILene:

You forgot to mention spoil them too. My girls and boy live in the mountains of upstate NY. They are a mixed and are only 7 months old and have just started to lay. They have free run of 5 acre partially wooded property. And yes we can have roos the pic shows Donald, Speck and Tutu. They would live with two dogs, a cat and my daughter also. I would want to keep them together but, if Fishbum is interested in just the wynadottes that would be okay with me.

I didn't know you were that close. I could pick them up via Metro North railway...at the Cortlant stop...I have a house at the Marble Hill stop on the same line...if you would like to meet me. You can call me at 917-736-5765.
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Yes, they were. I thought I sent you a message telling you so.
Sorry if I didn't.

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