6+ OEGB eggs Plus can add Egyptian Fayoumis, Duck and broiler egg

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    Hey everybody! I got 6+ OEGB eggs for sell again. I can throw in some extra eggs, I got a duck egg, a Egyptian Fayoumis egg and an Egg from my Broiler project breeding pen. If these are not taken by tomorrow I will have two more of each of the extra eggs most likely

    Price is $15.00 including shipping. Add $2 for shipping if you live North of Virginia or west of Missouri. Thanks!

    PS my broiler project pen consist of Cuckoo maran roo over Dark Cornish hens.

    Thanks for looking!

    Some Pics!

    A couple of my OEGB hens

    My roo and some hens


    My roo

    My BB red hens

    Here is a pic of my Egyptian Fayoumis Hen, I need to go out and take a pick of my roo, no recent pics on here. He is gorgeous. My hen has been laying every single day a nice sized egg. They are small chickens compared to other Standard breeds, they are excellent forager, excellent health, great feed conversion and also great at avoiding predators. Fayoumis are the fastest maturing chickens of any breed in the world. Hens start laying at 4 months and roos crow at 6 weeks!

    Oh and the only duck I have laying right now is my Crested Rouen and the only adult drake I have is a Rouen Drake (non Crested) so the egg will be pure.

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