6 roo *41 hens= can this work?

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  1. woolychicken

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    PROBLEM: i have 6 beautiful roos (15 weeks) which i do not wish to make sunday dinner with unless i really have to.
    i have 41 young hens in which these guys have grown up with. but can this bunch live peacefully or am i asking for a BIG MESS [​IMG] ( they are at present all in a large 12x20 coop with a large out door yard when weather permits to run around in )
    i have a beauiful sliver-bule andulisian roo(andy), 2 sweet redish-gold turkey-necks (dariling and peaches grand kids named them),1 buff chantler(bob),1 golden laced wyandotte(samson aka: sam) and 1faverolle- george
    i ordered geroge but the rest where to be hens [​IMG] we like sam, he is friendly and quiet and seems to get along with geroge who i will not part with he is the sweetest, friendliest,roo i have ever had and loves to talk to you. since he was a chick.
    but andy is BEAUITFUL and he is very agressive with the young hens where they all run for cover when he is around to much moucho maybe![​IMG] he will also walk up to the fence where my jack russlles(3 ben,bell,jake) will sit and watch him as he puff up his feather and jumps at them as to say come on make my day. the other 3 just hang around but have be come a little more moucho as they are getting older.
    i am hopeing to find andy a home but if i dont am i asking for a heap load of trouble. if i just keep him.geroge and sam? [​IMG] ?????????????????????????????????????????????

    p.s. i also have a older roo named shep who has his own flock of 12. he one of a kind,plus i have had him since he was an egg. [​IMG] he keeps to himself and will not bother anyone
    and hermie my bantum cochin with his flock of 8 (these guys have there own yard and fenced in coop area)
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  2. Chickanmanfromarkansas

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    Jan 18, 2010
    If you are planning on keeping them together you need at least 1 rooster per 10 hens. Some people say you can put up to 20 to 25
    hens per rooster. All depends on what you want I reckon. Me i'd go with 1 to 10 ratio, better fertility rates. You'd also need to pick the rooster that get along with each other. Of course if you aren't planning on raising any babies outof you hens then you don't really need a rooster at all.
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    You will have a little bit of a fuss when you first put them in with the other birds that have already set the pecking order. Once they settle in they will be fine. I have over a hundred birds and close to 20 of them are roos and they all get along great. They will mock fight every now and then but it is usually over in a min and no blood is drawn.

    Good luck to you!!!
  4. sourland

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    "Andy" would have to go. Bad attitude can be a catchy thing. Monitor the others and as long as the get along- fine. If someone starts causing problems- cull him. Bad or human aggressive roosters produce more of the same.
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    Jul 23, 2010
    I think you can pretty much ignore what you hear about there having to be a certain number of hens with the roosters. It really just depends on what the roosters are like, and if you have some really docile, nice ones, it shouldn't be any trouble at all. Right now, I have around 5 roosters with about 24 hens, with no trouble at all. One is the lead rooster: he's not overly macho, and he's not aggressive, but he protects the hens. The others are super, super nice roosters, the nicest I have ever had, and they totally just leave the hens alone, maybe just chasing after them once in a while. In addition, right now I have two other full grown roosters who live by themselves in the orchard. They are free to come over to the rest of the chickens if they want, but they usually keep to themselves. Throughout the summer, I have had a few other roosters (I have not killed ANY), and any rooster that was being too rough with the hen would get penned up in the orchard until I could sell him to a good home, or he would become better with the hens, which often happens over time. If you do have any roosters in a 'bachelor pad' though, they need at least one other chicken with them, and they should be socialized with the other chickens once in a while.
    I think it's great that you are trying to find an alternative to killing them (although I hope that means you don't eat much chicken from the store)! Again, I would say that if you have some great, docile roosters, they should be fine, and if the macho one becomes too macho, either pen him up, sell him, or wait and see what happens. The safety of your hens and other roosters is a concern, so I would do something if he becomes to aggressive. You may find some useful info here: https://www.backyardchickens.com/web/viewblog.php?id=63850-the-definite-guide-to-roosters. I had a couple of roosters that were just too rough with the hens, and one that beat up the other rooster, so I put them in the orchard for a while, then found some really, really good homes for them (I advertised on Craigslist mostly: make sure you ask a small fee, like $5 for them).

    It's all totally up to you, and I wish you good luck with the flock! [​IMG]

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