6+ Snowy Call Duck Hatching Eggs

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    Jan 22, 2011
    Up for auction is 6+ any extras the girls bless us with, hatching eggs. My girls have been laying very well and if my incubators were not full already, I would be keeping these eggs and setting myself. I just hate to see these go to waste.

    These little ducks are SPOILED!!! They are in the barn at night and let out daily in their own 12x15 run with a pool. They free range all day and have HQ feed at night. Fertility has been great and I have been hatching hatching many babies.

    These eggs will ship out on Monday 6/27 to ensure that they do not do not sit at the post office longer then needed. I will let the winning bidder know the total number of eggs that was shipped when I send the tracking number of the shipment.

    You will at least get 6 eggs. Hopefully MORE, but as always we are at the mercy of the ladies!!! Please keep this in mind when bidding.

    Now of the other not so fun stuff: Once I drop the eggs off at the PO and they are out of my hands, I am no longer responsible for the eggs. I will pack the eggs as well as I can and mark the box "fragile ~ hatching eggs", but I cannot ensure that they will be handled accordingly once I hand them over. I have had a great hatch rate at home, but I also cannot promise that you will have the same. Again, please keep this in mind when bidding.

    If you have any questions please PM me. Thanks for looking and considering these for your next hatch!




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