6' tall run, how do I...

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    You may want to tap into a website called DIY.com. You can type in something like a carport roof, gazebo, ect and find step by step instructions. I'm assuming there is no way to drive to your site in order to haul everything? How about a lawn tractor pulling a tarp? It would save some back work maybe...
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    bless your heart.. thats all I am saying.. bless your heart!!!
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    Quote:I've been searching and searching but I couldn't find anything that would show me how. I can't drive to my backyard, all fenced in but I do have double gates that are 20' but my hubby will kill me. I do have a lawn tractor, but just my luck it decided not to work with me. My problem wasn't how to bring 4x8 plywood to the site, I could carry it 1 by 1 but my problem was to carry the 4x8 plywood to the roof. But the 1st person who commented suggested that I should cut it 2x8.

    Some local chicken coop builder contacted me and said that he can build the roof for me for $200.00 a day. If only shingles it would take up 1 day and building the frame and the roof, he said it will be 2 days.

    Now, I forgot to take a picture of what I did so far, but I put in 1 post every 8 ft (4 posts so far) and 4 panels up and screwed them in place. We have high winds tonight, so by morining if it's still standing up that means I did a good job. Since I don't have a picture of my own working site, here is a link that is similiar to what I'm doing ( the run part) Can someone tell me if I'm doing this correctly ? The roof will be A-framed.

    Thank you all.

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