6 week old RIR not moving- panting, (NOT HOT)

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  1. WasabiChicki

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    May 11, 2010
    Northern California
    I am soooo new at this! And of course she's my favorite:

    RIR, aprox. 6 weeks, only w/me for 1 week, fine for first 4 days, slowly became less "thrifty"... two days ago started panting, eyes & mouth closed.
    (it's been under 70 degrees here all week). *I took them all of medicated feed the day i brought them home, on organic starter now.

    No signs of trauma, no blood, but she is picking up her left foot a lot. Could she be in pain???

    Runny poop, kinda foamy, creamy color as of today. (I put echinacea tincture & rescue remedy in her water today.)

    I removed her from the other 6 chick & she is now in the house in a large dog kennel w/ pine shavings & a bowl of whey-soaked starter feed.

    She will eat & drink but do nothing else really... outside with the other birds today she just sat there panting as they all ran around her.... she didn't even move.
    She will reply if I call her, just by looking at me, but she wont come like the others.
    *She did "perk up" the last two evenings around sunset and start peeping a lot... I think she's lonely. Then she stops and nests down in the corner or the kennel.

    PLEASE HELP! I LOVE HER, but my husband is not excited about a vet bill for a baby chick. [​IMG]

  2. HorseFeatherz NV

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    How is your chick doing? Is she fluffing up also?

    Not really sure what might be going on, sorry. Maybe early stage coccidiosis? I cannot be sure as I have no experience with it yet. Do you offer them grit or sand also?
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    Did you just change her diet without weaning her off--change it suddenly? I don't really understand why you're feeding her this different type of food....perhaps it's an organic thing, but maybe it's a shock to her body.....would you consider giving her the regular chick grower that she was probably used to?
  4. WasabiChicki

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    May 11, 2010
    Northern California
    Just an update to this semi-old post:

    My girl made it! The little red hen (Henny-Penny) is keepin' up with the rest of them!

    So to backtrack a sec: she was brought to my home at 3 months old... 3 days into her new surroundings we thought we'd loose her...
    She was panting, listless, eyes closed, puffing up & had diarrhea: No, she wasn't hot, & no, the change to organic feed should not have done that to a chick
    (according to my local resources) unless that was early signs of coccidiosis.

    But, I had to share the happy ending: I started w/ 5 drops of echinecea tincture & 2 drops of Rescue Remedy (Flower Essence) in her
    water, changed daily, & she was in a kennel inside the house where I kept a close eye on her for three days & I added homemade whey to the organic feed...

    I did take her outside to the garden with the others the second & third day. She was chomping at the bit to go play by the forth night & has been doing great ever since!

    Thanks everyone for your input & again, I am so grateful to have found this site- Yeay chickens! [​IMG]

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