6 week old silkie wont stand up

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Jun 22, 2016
Good Morning,

I noticed this morning that my 6 week old silkie is having trouble standing up, I picked her up into my hand and she was laying down shaking. I than put her back down and tried to get her to drink some water she put some pressure on her legs which than made me think she didnt sprain or break one. She than rolled to her side and closed her eyes, i tried a few more times just to see if her legs are weak and she lets her face fall into the woodchips. Does anyone have advice as to what could be going on? Thank you !

Have you talked to a vet, because a vet might know, also you can take the vet a poop sample to see if it has some sort of infection or worms.

She seems to be tired so maybe she could be egg bound.

Hope this was help full!

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