6 week with poopy bum

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    Nov 22, 2010
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    I have a six week old pullet that has no tail feathers(it seems genetic to have no tail feathers, not falling/pecked out), but below its rear the poop seems to always stick. It has large clumps that regularly build up below its opening, so it doesn't seem to be hindering its ability to "go", but it is seriously unsanitary. It's been doing this for several weeks and I was hoping when real feathers came in, rather than fluff, it would "grow out of it." However, it's only getting worse because it's poop is bigger.

    So any ideas on fixing my dilemma? I tried vaselining the area and this worked for maybe a day, but the chicken seemed to not like it.

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    If you can bring it inside give it a warm bath and clean all the poo off, then trim the feathers just enough to maybe keep the poo from clinging. If it will eat yogurt give it some it helps the gut with good bacteria. Might want to do a worming also. Anyway this will bump you in case others want to give advise. If you bathe it be sure to get good an dry before putting back outside.

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