6 yr. old having walking problems

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    Sep 27, 2015
    We have a 6 yr. old hen, no longer a layer, but, she is a great ol' gal and she keeps the peace in the mixed age flock. 3 days ago she was walking around the yard with difficulty, her back end hanging way down, not making an attempt to go up the ramp to the coop at night. We have had to help her into the coop, then she jumps up on a low perch and hunkers down for the night. Last night she would not even go near the coop so we had to find her because she would be in peril if she was left out for the night. She seems to come out ok in the morning and has been spending all day at the food station going between the water and the food and is more docile than normal.
    I know she is an old girl but is there something seriously wrong that we should quarantine her from the rest of the flock?
    We have 5 new girls that have just started laying (mixed breeds) and a frizzle that is 5 that just started laying again (after a 1 yr. sabbatical) since our new rooster took over and claimed his harem.
    Any ideas? We live in Costa Rica, so vets for these sort of things are few and far between.


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    Sounds like she is getting old.If she is eating and drinking fine i wouldn't suspect any diseases.If you help her into the coop and provide high nutrition treats such as Eggs,Tuna,Molasses i think she will be fine.Giving her some baby aspirin will probably help her move better.The dose is 81mg a day.
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    I would probably confine her to a dog crate with food and water inside the coop for a few days of observation. Look at her droppings for anything unusual. Check her for lice and mites, her crop to see if it is empty, full and hard or puffy. Feel of her breast bone for weight loss, the lower belly for swelling or tightness. Look at her legs for swelling or redness, or scabs on foot pads. I had a 5 year old similarly with those symptoms, but I pit her down when she would not eat or drink for a couple of days. I would offer some water with vitamins and electrolytes, and her usual feed. Chopped egg is good to coax her to eat.

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