7 and 3 weeks ... Will this ever work out


5 Years
Apr 2, 2014
Haleiwa, HI
So we have 4 seven week olds, ameraucana, black Australop, rir and barred rock. Rir most likely a roo... Since we didn't expect a roo I added two last week after 2 weeks of searching the whole island I finally found 2 ideal 236 ... Never heard of them before. And they are three weeks old and tiny lol
I keep them inside at night, bc it gets cold (65 degrees) but it's been 4 days and they are not being excepted at all. They are being pecked on when coming to close otherwise been left alone but they don't move just sit in a corner of the coop.
The barred rock and rir are the leader of my flock. All mine are huge for 7 weeks, but I guess besides the ameraucana I read they all get about 7-8 lbs grown, ideal 236's are only 3-4 lbs grown and supposed to lay medium to large eggs, we will see.
They don't eat freely or seem happy ATM ... Considered keeping them inside till they are older but I feel if I wait longer to get to together it will be harder since mine don't accept them and they are only 7 weeks ( not even, they will be 7 between tomorrow and Wednesday)
The little ones should be in the brooder with a light for a few more weeks. When they are feathered you can move them to a separate enclosure within your other birds coop. This way they can interact and become accustomed to one another yet the littles will be safe from the bigs.
It is in the upper 80s during the day, I put my others out at three weeks. Can they still get cold during daytime at those temps

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