7 Breeds, How many eggs?

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    Hello all! Throughout March, I got 7 different chicks, and was wondering how many eggs I can expect per day their first real laying season next year. I have one Easter Egger, one Golden Campine, and one Salmon Faverolle from My Pet Chicken, and from the local feed store I got one Red Sex Link, one Black Sex Link, one Barred Rock, and a Silver Laced Wyandotte. I am also curious as to how their eggs will compare size wise to store-bought ones. Thank you in advance!
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    Your sex links and barred Rock should each give about 6-7 eggs a week.

    Your Wyandotte should be around 5-6 eggs a week for her first year.

    Your Easter egger is kind of a crapshoot. Mine have always been great layers, 6 eggs a week. Some folks on here say more like 3-4.

    Your Faverolles should be 4-5 a week.

    Can't help on the Campine, sorry.

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