7 Gallon Nipple Waterers

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    7 gallon nipple waterers for poultry: these are especially great for waterfowl who like to mess their water ALL THE TIME. If you don't enjoy changing dirty water twice a day, or dealing with inevitable illness and losses because you choose not to, these are for you.

    A single 7 gallon waterer lasts our 20 or so birds a full week, and only needs to be scrubbed every 3 months or so. A heat lamp suspended over the top keeps water from freezing in a secure henhouse.

    Each waterer has 4 nipples, a tight-fitting lid with a fill hole, and 4 suspension ropes to keep weight evenly distributed. Birds quickly learn to drink from these with no help from you.

    7 gallon waterers are $20 each, and extra nipples can be added for $3 each.

    Shipping is $15 to anywhere in the contiguous U.S.

    PM for Paypal address.
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