7 girls 6 eggs


11 Years
Dec 29, 2008
Everyday Iget 6 egs from 7 hens(RIR).
Is there a way to tell if someone isn't laying.I'm assuming that it just might be that each day one or another isn't laying, but want to rule out that I have a slacker.
I'm amazed at the consistency of your girls. Six eggs every day!!! I have seven pullets, all laying. My numbers for the last week are: 6, 7, 2, 7, 6, 5, 4.

I don't know of any quick and easy way to make sure they are all laying. You can try putting food coloring in certain one's vents and see which one is laying which egg. Once you determine that a certain one is laying, stop putting the food coloring in her vent and switch to another. Eventually you will find out if they are all laying. Since they like to peck at red blood, I'd stay away from the red food coloring but that leaves you three other colors to play with. For the same reason, I would not use lipstick.

You may be more observant than I am but I have not had much luck looking at colors to determine whether they are laying. Maybe that's partly because all mine are laying. I'll give you a link that talks about the different things to look for, not just the color of their combs.

Pigment Color – Signs of Laying
Thats a good site. I'm going to have to check the girls later.
A couple of weeks ago I left the gate open and the girls were loose all day. I noticed one had a little bald spot on her head and suspected some kind of trauma, Now she won't let me near her. I am going to check her out good tonight.

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