7 month ducks not laying eggs!?


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Jul 1, 2020
Hello all! 1st year, new duck owner. I have 2 ducks and 1 drake "flock". They were born April 20th from an online hatchery. They sent a total of 10 ducklings, and I had to give some to family members and friends for a more manageable lifestyle. I have 1 Runner Female and 2 Ancona (1 m 1 f) . They are free roam during the day, 9am to 7pm & are locked in a cage and then in a house during the night. They have access to oyster shells & are feed layer pellets and given a cup of worms treats daily plus any bugs they get. We also have 7 1/2 acres they can roam but they stay close to the perimeter of my house. My problem is neither ducka have produced and egg! The other ducks that went to family members have already become parents and over 20 eggs each female. I have put fake eggs in the duck house in hopes to have them lay. I have also searched the yard in hopes I find them spread randomly, but none are found. They all seem very happy ,healthy and are quite friendly and will follow you throughout the yard. Is this possible? Am I doing something wrong!!?? I makes me worried about them, but again they are very healthy....any help appreciated
I wouldn't worry yet. I added four runner ducklings to my established flock, and the youngsters were born in May. My adults had already stopped laying for the year when one -- possibly two -- of the new girls surprised me with eggs. For about a week and a half, I was finding an egg two or three times a week, and then it stopped. The laying and the lack of laying by the newbies was all in October.

I think some girls just mature faster than others.
They will come spring. I got my ducks last year around the same time as you. I only had 1 lay eggs for maybe a week. Come February they all started laying. Nothing to worry about even with ducks of the same breed im finding big differences in laying. 2 of my ducks are still laying while the other 3 stopped months ago.

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