7 mth laying hen sitting around; egg problems?

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    1) Juice Newton...Salmon Favorelle...7 months...5 lbs...laying regularly med. sized eggs 3-5 per week...usually quiet, talkative to us and moves around like any of our other 22 chickens.


    2) Behavior:

    -8am...Late in letting out chickens (usually 7ish); Juice Newton came out of coop slowly, took a few steps, then just sat down- unusual for Juicy as she isn't high on the pecking order and tends to move around a lot to keep out of the way of others and to get to the food first.

    -8:05am...Still not moving, fluffed up; when I reached down to pet her, I thought she was "squatting" as in for Roo, but upon reaching under her to pick up, I could feel her muscles in the rear area clinching and unclinching.

    -8:06am...I though she might have been interrupted by the late let out and the mad chicken rush in the middle of the "laying" zone mentality, so I put her in a nesting box in the coop. She just laid there.

    -8:10am...Now I am worried because just laying there isn't usual for her so I reach in to pet her (we pet/hold all of our chickens, except the manly Roo), but she moves out of the nest and slowly waddles to the other side of the coop.

    -8:10-50...Slowly comes out of the coop, still walking like she's got a beach ball between her legs; pretty much just sits, walks a little, looks sleepy, and repeats while I do the morning chicken chores. Usually she comes around looking for a treat. Checked her out best I could in the vent area, a little poop dribble from the other day when she ate yogurt/sour cream, but vent clean...nothing hanging out...seemed tight- no prolapse. Put her in the front yard away from other chickens until I could trim away the dirty feathers- they weren't bad, but some of the other chickens had already came up to her sitting in the pen and tried to peck at her. She walked around a little and ate greens a little.

    [​IMG] This is after clean up trim.

    -8:50-9:15...Brought in house and put in family room/sick room. She perked up a little and jumped out of the big toybox/sick room. We put her back in and hubby chicken sat while I took daughter to doctor. No food, just a little water was given. Trimmed off tips of few feathers in rear. Hubby said she talked and walked around, flew to desk, becoming more alert, etc.

    -12:00 noon...Pooped (in floor) normal (not solid, but normal poop), drank a little water, talked, sat on arms and toy box side, ate a little bread and corn...was put back in pen. Just sat in corner by porch (pen is 40'x50') with all of the other hens while I watched. When the crowd moved away a little bit later and Juicy moved near her sister, I noticed a cracked egg on the ground. Still somewhat together, but crackled, no yolk evident and might have been missing a small penny size section; egg white in shell and on ground. Juicy still just sitting.

    -Afternoon...went in nesting box several times off and on...even set on another hen. Ate, drank, pooped, talked, but still seems a little off and is sits quite a bit.

    -5:30pm...Brought back in...seems to like perching on the toybox while I type...talks, prunes, eats a little bread. Still just perching/sitting; eyes closed as if napping. Another poop, this one firmer.

    3) No bleeding, injury, broken bones or other sign of trauma.

    4) Situation may have been caused by.....There was a cracked egg in one nesting box...maybe due to late let out and fact that Juicy isn't high on the ladder...maybe she was bumped around while in nesting box (hence cracked egg in nesting box- someone else's- most lay in the morning by 11am (22 hens)) and this might have cracked her egg inside her somehow and maybe did damage? I'm guessing big time here.

    5) Juicy has been eating and drinking: Today: Water, cracked corn (about 1/3 cup total), laying crumbles (handful), 1 piece of bread, some greens (grass, whatever) Always: Water, free access to laying crumbles/pellets, oyster shells and grit/gravel, given cracked corn and bread in small amounts daily with scraps occasionally, and turned out on grass/wood/pasture daily for 1-5 hours unless raining.

    6) The poop look? Normal, some spreads out, but has the green and white stuff on top of the clear and some is firmer (just a while ago- see pic)


    7) The treatment I have administered so far is TLC, cleaned/trimmed pooped on feathers, with-held food until more active and had pooped, water and have observed

    8 ) Treat completely by me as no vet around here treats chickens and $ is tight

    9) If you have a picture of the wound or condition, please post it. It may help.

    Am trying...have pictures of chicken, latest poop and vent area

    10) The housing/bedding in use is a walk-in coop with nesting boxes, fans and ventilation for nighttime safety; 40x50 pen from 7am ish-8pm ish with dirt, free access to water, feed and corn; bedding is shavings; nesting boxes wheat straw; let out into back yard (all mushrooms, possible dangers removed daily) for a few+ hours.


    Sorry so long...nothing much specific so thought details might be helpful.

    Thank you! Kate
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    Sorry you didn't get any replies.

    My guess would be that you are right that it is an egg problem like eggbound or a soft shelled egg stuck, especially with her walking like there is a beach ball between her legs. You could try the warm baths approach along with a little extra calcium (Tums in the water is an easy way.)

    The free access to corn concerns me, as they seem to see it as a treat, and its protein level is low.

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