7 week old Ameraucana - Roo?


14 Years
Jun 8, 2008
Delphos, OH
I bought these two chicks a couple weeks ago, the older one is for sure a pullet (approximately 10 weeks old). The other one, I'm not so sure about. I purchase them from an Ameraucana breeder, but I'm sure the young one may have been too young to tell at the time. He did tell me that both were pullets, but we all make mistakes
. Please excuse how he/she looks, he/she is still feathering out. The comb is pinker than the older one, which is what got me wondering today.

Below is the one in question...(approximately 7 weeks old)


Here is the pullet

It's hard to tell I have a 16 week old Amerucana who We thought was a roo until we both saw her lay an egg she has a large red comb about the size of our roo now so until it crows or lays an egg good luck
With the four I had, I thought I had 3 roos when they were 8 weeks old. Around 13 weeks I knew for sure, and unfortunately I was right. There was just too big of a difference in their combs. I'll wait and see how this one turns out...
hello to you too!

I rehomed this poor guy to the Amish man who built my coop. He was getting picked on and lost his tail feathers, plus his legs splotchy and not completely black and my daughter wants to raise show chickens.

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