7 week old pullet has a bare spot on back...

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  1. doodlebugbug

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    Mar 31, 2007
    I have 9 Bantams...7 weeks old. Most look great. They are my first chickens, still kept inside a brand new coop (so isolated) and all new building materials. One has a "50 cent" size bare spot on it's back...just above its tail feathers. No feathers, not bleeding. Just like it pulled out it's feathers in one circle shaped spot.
    One or 2 other pullets feathers are like the catalogs described as "frizzled". I ordered Buff Brahma Bantams...only 2 turned out the Buff color. The others are dark striped...maybe Dark Brahma Bantams. The hatchery told me that they may have substituted other pullets, since the breeding rate may not have been so good with the roosters.
    I'm hoping that the 2 "frizzled" appearing pullets are the Frizzle Cochins....what do you think?
    But most of all, I'm concerned about the pullet with the bare spot. Normal? Lice? Pecking? What do you think & how to I remedy it?
  2. Chickemee

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    Jul 30, 2007
    Well my sisters chick keeps getting this one bare spot, maybe a little smaller than yours but its because my little chick keeps plucking out her feathers. Im not sure what to do so I wish you best of luck.

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