7 week old pullet with swollen eye


10 Years
Jun 6, 2009
Hello,new chicken parents here.We have 5 seven week old pullets,two of them have one eye each that seem to be swollen.They do open them,and are eating and drinking fine.We have cleaned the eyes with warm water,but the eyes look like they might have ben pecked? Slight amount of clear discharge ( could be natural moistness of eyes).Poops are normal.We are feeding them blue seal medicated chick starter.The two affected chicks are RIR.They are inside in a cage with one other RIR no swollen eyes,a black barred rock,and a golden comet.Anything else we should be doing?Thank you in advance for any advice.
Try some terramycin ointment. I had the same problem with one of my chickens and the ointment cleared it up in no time at all. I applied the ointment in the morning and at night. Swollen eye with a bit of oozing is usually a sign of a respiratory infection and if not treated, it can be deadly.

BTW...I bought the ointment at a local feed store, but Tractor Supply also had it.
ok I have the ointment.How to apply? Just checking so I don't injure her.
I just held mine the best that I could and dropped it into her eye. A few times, she threw a fit and the drops didn't make it into her eye, but eventually she calmed down and I was able to get it. If possible, hold the chick a minute or two because they want to shake their heads when you put them down.

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