7 week rooster - I'd like to keep him, but....

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10 Years
Jan 10, 2010
West Sound, Washington
This is my first time raising chickens. We have 1 Sussex (6 weeks) , 4 Faverolles and a Wyandotte (both 7 weeks).

99% sure the Wyandotte is a rooster. Comb is turning pink, already getting red wattles, thick legs and noticably larger than the rest of his flock.. Also the alpha in the group. Barges in and grabs the treats with no respect for the others in line. Seen occasionally jumping on the other birds. (It's a one jump and then he quits. I wouldn't consider him mean per se.)

The main purpose of our flock is for eggs and enjoyment by me, the wife, and the 2 young kids watching and interacting with them.

I'm sure you can see where I might be going with this...

A mean rooster will have no place in our home. Protection is great, but not at the expense of my kids or wife being afraid to open the coop or play outside near the chickens.

Out of the 6 birds, he is the one that makes the biggest fuss when we try and pick him up. The girls won't stand and jump in our hands, but they don't really fight it either. HE runs like hell and squeels and flaps madly until we get him under control. Once in our hands he settles down and is OK. But he doesn't seem to relax or fall asleep like the girls will.

I'm happy to keep him IF he behaves. So the big question is..

7 week old rooster. What should I be doing every day to give me better chances that he'll play nice.

I know some birds just turn out mean no matter what you do as that is their job.. But I would love to give him the best possible chance of staying out of my stew pot. :)
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