7th Annual BYC New Year's Day 2016 Hatch-A-Long

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    Apr 16, 2015

    There is a method for outdoor brooding even in the cold but it takes some prep work. As long as you could power a heat source, having them in a garage or barn would be fine. You just need to keep them warm, dry, feed, and watered they can kinda be kept anywhere. As long as their area is warm it doesn't matter the temp outside.

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    Hey there and welcome! Doesn't get quite as cold here in PA as all that, here is some advice I was given years ago from a BYCer who lives in Maine and hatches in winter:

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    That is the contest rules for the best hatch rate:

    1. Best Hatch Rate
    First Prize: Hatching eggs from @RavynFallen or drawing from @Peep-Chicken
    Second Prize: BYC 2015 Calendar

    participants will need to be setting a minimum of 6 eggs​
    These can be under broodies or in your incubators. Send @ronott1 a pm letting him know how many you will have cooking. We'll need that info​
    by the 3rd of Jan at the latest
    to be included in the contest. When the hatch is over,​
    you'll take a pic and post it to show us how many​
    you actually hatched.​
    The picture must be of sufficient quality to count all the chicks.​
    In the event of a tie, the one who hatches the most chicks wins.​

    I will get the next contest up soon--that one will be the funky chick hatched contest.

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    Thank you! For some reason I didn't see that when I looked the other day. Thank you!!!
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    I have added you to the members list.

    It is not super cold here but I keep them in the house for a week or two and then they go into the garage. When big enough, they go outside.
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    Apr 11, 2010
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    The windchill doesn't matter because the chicks shouldn't be exposed to the wind. As they feather out, you raise the heat lamp more and more. Eventually turning off during the day, then the night. If you can open a window to allow the room to cool off some, or put them on an enclosed porch, they will get used to the cold. Then when you think it's time (even I have trouble with this part, and I will be bothering Blarney and other PA people in a few months!) put them outside in the cold cruel world.

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    True. I know windchill does not matter since they are not in the wind, but air temps here can easily still get down to negative 10 degrees. Even with a heat lamp, how cold is too cold to have chicks outside in a brooder? I have never purchased or hatched chicks prior to April due to the temperatures here. I am just wondering if it is even worth thinking about hatching chicks in the dead of winter where I live.
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    This is a picture of my outside brooder. It has only been 22 as a low here so far, but they were toasty. I used plastic and an old shower curtain liner. The run they are in is surrounded with plastic on the open areas in an outside shed. They have a heat lamp. The ones in there now are 3 weeks old and have been out about 2 weeks. I keep them in the house for first week with a heat plate.[​IMG]

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    Jan 26, 2014
    I showed some to my neighbor. He stole 3 later that night.

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