8+ Black Minorca Hatching Eggs - $20 shipping included


9 Years
May 20, 2010
Lake Charles, LA
Looking for a beautiful white eggs layer? We have them! These birds are not exhibition quality; however, they are a very striking dual purpose bird. Minorcas are excellent layers of large chalk white eggs. They free range well, and tolerate the southern heat like no other! If you are looking for a hardy backyard white egg layer, then these eggs are for you!

Eggs will ship in a #4 Priority Shipping box packed in polyfoam. We do offer the option to double box (buyer pays the difference in shipping). As most people know, I cannot be held responsible for eggs damaged in shipping. Shipping eggs through the post office is always a gamble. The box will be clearly stamped "Live Embryos - Please be Gentle". A tracking number will be included. If you would like any other labeling then please let us know!

These eggs will ship out on Monday morning of next week

$20.00 Buy it now - Shipping Included

Please reply to this add with "sold", and send payment via paypal to [email protected]

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