8 chickens ganging up on one chicken. Need some advice please.


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Oct 17, 2008
I have 10 chickens in my flock. To make it short: there are 4 brown chickens, 2 white, 1 black. All full grown 2 year old girls.
I also have 2 Banty Leghorns and a Bantie Partridge chicken.
Until about a month ago they all lived very happily together without any problems. With the exception that they chased the poor Banty Partridge away from the food and treats. Sure is a good runner. However, This has recently changed. The Banty Partridge is asserting herself more and they all seem to tolerate her a bit better.

Here's my problem. One of the little white Leghorn Banties has become the runner. It seems that when a few of the brown ones see her across the yard, they make a B line for the poor thing and chase her all over the place. She has a partly bald head from being pecked and I'm feeling really sorry for her. She stays all alone in a the corner of the yard. Should I isolate her in a private coop with the other Banties for a while? She also won't go into the coop at night.

I really don't know how to get her back as part of the flock? Anyone have a good solution?

If it is one or two particular chickens chasing the banty then separate them for a few days. Then they will be knocked down a bit in the pecking order an maybe that will give the banty a chance. Otherwise if all of them are picking on the poor thing then I would separate her before she gets hurt.
Thanks. I just did that. I put her and her sister in an old rabbit hutch with food and water. It seems that there is one really agressive hen that want her banished, or dead. Dang! I didn't realze that they could be so cruel. I'll take your advice and take the meanest brown and stuff her in the (solitary confinement) hutch during the day for a week or so. That might fix her.
Thank you.

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