8 Hens and 3 Ducks in need of temporary home near Chicagoland area.


8 Years
Sep 15, 2011
I need to sell my house and rent for a while. I intend to find a new home to purchase as soon as possible, hopefully within a few months. In the meantime I am looking for someone who can help me by keeping my small flock until I am settled. I can supply the coop and purchase a dog run if necessary. I currently have 8 hens (2 barred Plymouth Rocks, 5 Orpingtons, 1 Polish) and 3 ducks (1 Swedish male, 1 Swedish female, 1 male Cayuga). They all live happily together. I am willing to pay for the help and all the supplies. I can get to southern WI, Illinois or northwest Indiana.
Thank you!

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