8 month old molting?

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Jun 1, 2014
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Could my 8 month pullet be molting? She has lost lots of feather but appears to be growing in new. She stopped laying, but still seems perky and very active. She looks pretty bad. Trying to figure out how concerned I should be.
Where are these molting patches? Generally they don't molt at 8 months, however it can happen. Usually molting starts at the head and vent area. Then the tail, breast, back of the bird and wings last. You will see large areas of pin feathers growing in with molting.

8 month olds can mini molt which is just a short quick molt of feathers here and there. However any molt can be triggered not only by the amount of light and time of year, but big stresses put on them can send them into a molt such as running out of water or food for long periods of time. Predator attacks or other things in their environment that scares them. Moving them to a new location can trigger a molt, the loss of one of their buddies or coming out of broodiness.
Then I would say yes she is molting for some reason. It isn't common for this age to molt, but it isn't unheard of either.

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