8+ Pekin Duck hatching eggs (from Crested & Non Crested flock

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    This BUY IT NOW listing will open 1/27 at 7:30 pm EST and will close on 2/3 at 7:30 EST if bought earlier than 2/3. If you are ready to buy, just reply on this listing and I will pm you with details related to payment and shipping. Shipping will be $19.50. (Please remember that duck eggs are much heavier than chicken eggs and our system of packing is not Prepaid boxes but weighed box system as further described, below in the closing of the listing.) These eggs will continue to be available for many months so if you miss this listing, it will be listed or you may also contact me regarding future availability. I bought my primary flock from PromisedLand5 and have had hatches which included both crested and non crested ducklings. 8+ means 8 eggs and more If available on the day of shipping. Great hatches have been reported to me as well for our shipped eggs. Although we take great care in packing and shipping, we cannot be responsible for the eggs once they leave the farm, due to factors beyond our control, including postal handling and incubation. We will provide assistance during hatching in terms of information. Please remember that ducks are generally a 28 day hatch, sometimes a day or so longer and require more humidity than chicken eggs.

    This is a recent quote from our website " 10 Crested Pekin eggs and Nancy lovingly sent 13. 11 are growing nicely! Loved the packing and the care that was taken in making sure they got here safely. I can't wait for these little ones to hatch. They will join my current flock of Pekins that I have, none are Crested so we're really excited about these additions! Quotes Laurie, "Wonderful Peking hatching eggs" Laurie nicely signed the guestbook as well. Thanks Laurie for taking the time to share and we're praying for a blessed hatch.

    ore information about our full time farm and our philosophy is available at our website http://www.freewebs.com/thegarryfarm/
    how we ship: https://www.backyardchickens.com/a/the-garry-farm-how-our-eggs-are-wrapped-packed-and-shipped
    or facebook The Garry Farm Happy & Blessed Bidding! We're fulltime farmers,please give us time to answer questions!​

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