8+ Ringneck pheasant eggs F/S TN **SOLD**

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B. Saffles Farms

Mr. Yappy Chickenizer
11 Years
Nov 23, 2008
Madisonville, TN
I have 8+ Ringneck pheasant eggs for sale. Fertility has been great on these. Shipping and handling is $10
****SOLD***** Thank you.
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Thanks Kristen. Glad to hear the good news on your eggs.
These eggs will ship either Tuesday or Wednesday. There should be right at a dozen by the time they ship. But the price will stay $18.
I incubated some of these eggs from him (and he sent extras) shame I wasnt able to keep them
dont pass these up!
What is a fair price for pheasant eggs? I have hatched them before but did not pay for them. I wanna get back into raising pheasants. Not sure what a fair price is.
Sorry I cant help. I only can send out money orders, and i dont think that i can get it to you that fast lol. But if you could PM me ahead of time for next time i would most likely be very interested!
B. Saffles Farms :

How does $8 + $10 for shipping sound?

Yes that seems fair to me. Please send me your info amd I will paypal you. Thanks Kim​
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