8+ Silver Lakenvelder Eggs Missouri / N. P. I. P. Shipping Included

ugly ducky

11 Years
Sep 26, 2008
8+ Silver Lakenvelder eggs from my NPIP Certified flock. Fertility and hatchability has been excellent here, and eggs will be fresh. Lakenvelders are dependable layers of nice white eggs. Very attractive backyard layers that don't set eggs, so no problems with broodiness. High energy birds that free range very well, but also will accept confinement, and like to roost. I've found this breed to be the cleanest group of birds I have. Thanks for looking and be sure to check out my signature line for other breeds I raise, and pm me with any requests or questions. PayPal payment can be made to [email protected] Shipment will be at close of listing with eggs no more than 2 days old.

hey gloria , how are your birds doing , i assume they are still laying great as i see you still have eggs lol , im about ready for more and i still have my two little chickeis idk if they are roos or hens tho , but it doesnt matter they are still cute , and i definantly want more lol , i am so addicted to hatching eggs and chickens period lol , i just got some more bantam cochins and some red jungle fowl too im impatiently awaiting my first eggs from the jungle fowl they are in the garage til i finish their little condo outside , im looking for some bantams to put with my new little roo too ....
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