8 Week Old Bearded White Silkie Chick ***StudMuffinSilkies***


11 Years
Jun 9, 2008
I sold out of all my Whites 2 months ago, and had a few eggs in the incubator at the time. Well I have one white chick left from that hatch that I saved because it has no flaws, perfect toes, great skin color, a vaulted skull, very typey already and is turning out to be a pullet. I've realized one white cannot produce more and I have no room for this color hence why I sold out of them. This is your chance to get a product of something that I was working on for years, and comes from excellent stock. I am NPIP #1317 and all my birds are healthy and spoiled rotten. Shipping is $50.00 which includes a bio filter box and express USPS shipping. I will ship immediately if weather permits on both ends. PayPal only. I also have a few black chicks from my black bearded silkies that she is with that I could send with her to keep company for a small additional price. If you are interested please PM me with any questions. Thanks for looking. www.studmuffinsilkies.com



Chick: (Picture will be up by midnight 9/5)

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