8 Week old Rhode Island Red and Tetra Tints


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May 23, 2016
Hi. I posted pics a few weeks ago. We hatched 12 eggs and have already given away 3 roosters. Out of the 9 remaining, I worry we only have 3 pullets. Trying to confirm before giving more away. Here are my guesses...

Pic 1: Cockerel

pic 2 - Pullet

Pic 3 Pullet

Pic 4 Cockerel

Pic 5 Cockerel

Pic 6 Pullet, Pullet, Cockerel

Pic 7 This is my favorite, Cocoa. We thought she was a hen. "Her" comb is not as red, showed up later than the others, etc. But, she is sprouting some pretty shiny green feathers out the back.... now assuming cockerel.

Pic 8 Cockerel

Pic 9 Cockerel

Pic 10 - This is Cocoa again. From here she still looks like a hen, but those green tail feathers...

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