8 Week old Rooster picking hens until they bleed :(


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Nov 5, 2010
I have 5 Hamburg ladies and one Rooster ( Gordon.) All about 8 weeks old ...2 weeks ago I noticed that there where feathers scattered inside the coop. Then I noticed that one hen had blood on her behind and her feathers where gone! So a week ago I just sat and observe them and saw that Gordon kept on picking and picking on her. The other hens joint in and picked on the poor thing.
I called my Neighbor who has more experience with chickens and she thought maybe they had Mites. She came over to check them out , but we did not see any. I put some dust on them anyway. 2 nights ago I got so mad I took him and put him in with my other Neighbors Hens to give my babies a break. They are doing fine without him and the picking on the butt stopped and there is no more blood.
Question : Does Gordon need more time away from the hens ? Give him away ? Why is he doing this ?
What to do ?
Thinks he's trying eat other chicks feathers, idk why they do this...

Edit: Nevermind after reading he's biting on chicks joints I think he's just crazy for now, he'll grow out of it.
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Separate the hen until she heals. Once the chickens draw blood they keep picking and picking. I don't know why this is but they are horny for blood. So once she heals they should stop picking at her. Then the male will probably start picking at her again and draw blood and the whole process will repeat.
Thank you guys so much for your Help. I did separate the one Hen from the other ones because I noticed that now the girls pick on her as well not just the Rooster. I put the Rooster back with the 4 Hens who are not picked on and will observe him very closely today. One pick at the others and he is out! I hope he got a attitude adjustment having to live with big hens in my Neighbors !
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