8 week RIR, hen or roo


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Aug 6, 2021
Bc y’all were right on the money about the last set of RIR, here are two more. I received the first 3, then when realizing they were all Roos I let the seller know. They gave me 2 more, saying hens, but I’m pretty sure the one on the right is a roo. But what about the other one??


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A farmer near out town posted on a FB group about having RIR chicks. He said he could tell hens. Then when I called back about the first 3, have gave me the other two that were older and he said hens again.
I don't think he knew what he was doing or he did it on purpose. it's very hard to sex RIR as chicks, they look exactly the same. Maybe try a reputable hatchery next time.

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