Nov 21, 2018
I couldn't believe it. I had to weigh the egg 4-5 times. Weigh several others to make sure scale is correct. WOW. Buff Orpington. 2 1/2 years old. Got her last summer, Sally, and she's hardly missed a day. I went on vacation in Sept and the young lady watching my chickens didn't feed them enough. They looked skinny when I got back. I feed every day. I want to make sure they are getting enough. If the dish is empty I give some more. Sally, was getting bullied away from the feed, (Wyandottes) so I started feeding her in the henhouse with all doors closed. Found out she is the one eating eggs. Her eggs break most of the time she lays them. I actually watched her lay an egg one day and it was cracked. Badly. Didn't break open so she didn't eat it.

BUT, last Thursday I came in from feeding and forgot to go back out to let Sally out. Maybe 45 minutes later I went out and she had laid up in the coop nest box. I thought it was a duck egg. OMG. So I weighed it ( I weigh all my eggs) and I couldn't believe it ... 88 GRAMS. Double triple checked. Beside a 64 gram you can tell that's it's heavy.

Now I can't believe how she lays that big of an egg and then other days lays a soft shell. She's eating oyster shell, chicken egg shells ground very fine. And supposedly the Purina 18% protein has OS in it. IDK. There are no other eggs being eaten only eggs that break when laid. Her laying factory is really messed up. She has no other issues. She's getting enough to eat. HMMMM. If she is molting it's a soft molt. Maybe 1-2 feathers around each day. My ISA Brown isn't really molting either. Wyandottes are about 1 1/4 years old. They are not molting at all. A pin feather now and then. And none of my birds molted last year. BO and ISAB were 1 1/2 years old last year. It's gonna get cold if they are gonna molt they better hurry up. We had snow on the ground last year most of the month of November. Never melted.

And it's really funny when I forget to open up the hen house ( small run and coop together TSC) the Wyandottes will lay right outside the henhouse just below the nest boxes. When I let them free range over my 1 acre they would come running to get in the nest boxes. Talk about imprinting.

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