9+ Assorted Call duck eggs

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    Please don't BIN, just send me a PM if you are interested.

    These eggs are from my BIL's ducks, and I have them here ready to go out tomorrow! They are unmarked, but future eggs would be marked with their color (if possible) and date.

    He has several colors, but it looks as though some of the colors are penned up together and could be mixed.

    See below....I will upload some more photos soon.
    [​IMG] (He also has East Indies, but is not selling their eggs at this time)

    He is incubating some of these very same eggs and has had great fertility when candling them. Fertility cannot be guaranteed due to shipping and handling, but the eggs will be packaged very well for a safe trip.

    Possible colors are:

    Chocolate, White, Butterscotch, Grey, Snowy

    Please just send a PM if interested.
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    Can we see more pictures, please? [​IMG]

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