9 d'uccle hatching eggs


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Feb 1, 2008
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Despite all my broody hens, I still have a few eggs I can ship to someone who wants to try hatching some cute little porcelain d'uccles. I accept payment by paypal, but not until after I've checked on your state's shipping requirements. Most all of these with be from my porcelain only pen, but one or two might be out of a mille fleur hen and porcelain rooster. Currently all my milles are broody as of yesterday.

I use LOTS of bubble wrap! Many of the people who have gotten shipped eggs from me have had >50% hatch rates, come visit the d'uccle thread for baby pics! There's not much competition at the shows for this sweet little bantam breed.

The bottom picture is of the current rooster with my porcelain hens. He got frostbite on his comb this winter, but has the 5 points, and they are pretty evenly spaced. He has the most gentle personality, and doesn't threaten my kids or me, and has not shown aggressiveness. He does keep his hens in line, though.

Once again, the eggs might not ship right away if I have to get a permit from your state to ship, aside from just the standard npip vs 9-3 form.



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Apr 11, 2010
I have ten viable babies in my bator right now...can't wait to see them! And she does a great packing job! One of the best I've seen.

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