9 Duck & 9 Chicken Eggs for Sale!!!


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Aug 8, 2009
The Oregon Coast
I have 9 Duck eggs available & anything else I collect today!!!
They look like they are mostly Pekin eggs going by the size but being that we have a variety of breeds, they could be pure bred or a mix with Crest, Cayuga, Khaki, or Black Swedish.

We also have a variety of Chickens with 9 eggs available! We have Barred Rocks, Americauna, Araucana, Sex links, Rhoad Island Reds & many others! They may be pure bred or mutts. I'm sorry about my spelling, in a hurry...

I'm doing a kind of Auction which includes shipping & handling! I would like to have them shipped today! Auction starts at $20! I will be checking on this at 5pm EST today. The person with the best offer that can pay asap gets the eggs!

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