9 week old Leghorn not standing/eating/drinking - Help!

I still need help! I've gotten her to drink a little water with Vetrx in it, and now pedialite. Don't know what else to do.

I could use some advice:

What do chickens look like that have mites/lice?

Could they need to be wormed?

I’m so sorry you haven’t gotten help. This is a dire situation. First and foremost, bring her inside for warmth and so you can monitor her. Sadly, she may not make it. I’m sorry. There are many things it could be, but coccidiosis or Marek’s come to mind. Yes, worms or mites are also possible. Can you have a fecal float done on her poop at a local vet? Are these your first chicks? Where did you get them? What are they eating and what are their living conditions like? If they eat anything g besides crumble, do they have access to grit? Is her crop emptying g properly? How does her poop look? Are there any other local chickens from which they could have contracted a disease? Sorry about all the questions. Trying to help narrow it down. You can look for mites in the coop at night with a flashlight. Good luck. Please keep us posted.
Thank you! I did bring her inside. I didn’t know if it was respiratory so I got her to drink some water with some Vet RX in it. It said you could rub a little under her wings and when I lifted her wing to do that I noticed she had no feathers under her wings. My husband ran to the store and got some Pedialyte, and I have been able to get her to drink some of that but not a lot. I gave her a little bit of yogurt since I had no probiotics around. The only thing she can do is lay on her side with her legs straight out. She had one poop last night and the smell was horrible. I got up several times overnight to make sure she got a little drink of pedialyte. Now this morning she pooped again, and while it was still soft it did not smell!

These are my first chicks ever. There are no other chickens in my neighborhood. I have had these for four weeks now. My other five chickens are still healthy and fine. I got them as four week old pullets from Murray McMurray. They were all vaccinated against Marek’s

They eat whatever non-medicated feed I got at Farm and Fleet (starter/grower). They have grit.

I wonder if it’s a skin infection?

I’m encourged because of the change in her poop.
I should mention that she does kick her legs around and try to flap her wings. She just cannot stand up. When I pick her up and hold her on her feet her feet are not in the proper position and she cannot support herself. But she can move her legs and wings.

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