9 week old Light Brahma


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Mar 13, 2017
Does anyone want to share their pictures of their 9 week old Light Brahmas? I'm having kind of a hard time deciding if my one is a roo and would love to see pictures. The one in suspicion has a darker colored comb than the other one but I don't see three rows on the comb. It's not mean so no personality change. Sold to me as a pullet. I'm praying for a pullet
I'll have to do it tomorrow since I don't have a clear light in the shed. I spent some time with them tonight looking for the differences between the two LB and now their combs are about the same color and one row. The one in question has risen tail feathers and the other is about like that but more rounded down.
waiting for pictures
Not the best but it's a start. Normally my chickens are in the shed so this is how I can bring them outside without getting attacked by predictors. I'm searching for a chain link fence so I can house them outside. They're free range in the shed.




I had a Lt. Brahma cockerel years ago, a sexing mistake from the hatchery, along with a pullet I kept. Will see if I can find pictures of him and her back then for you to compare. See, it's not just the comb, but the stance, body shape, the amount of black that goes further down the back from the hackles, etc. Your pictures only show the comb in super bright light.
This is a pair I was talking about at around 8 weeks old. The one in the upper picture was a cockerel-you can see more color from his hackles flowing further down his back than the pullet. And the color is more black rather than laced feathers, too.


and later on, the cockerel.

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