9 week old quail just started walking on its knuckle

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Dec 7, 2020
Hi, so I have been raising button quail for while and I bought some and they were all fine for awhile but I think just recently one has been walking on its knuckle and I looked and it has already made a big Calais and it’s limping and I just don’t know what to do I took him inside but I do t know what to do 😩
Try giving some vitamins with riboflavin, such as human baby vitamins, Poultry Cell, SaveAChick vitamins, or human vitamin B complex. That might help it if is a deficiency. This can be a sign of riboflavin deficiency or an injury.
Were they born with "curly toes"? Or is this new? Are they also suffering from "splayed leg"?

If this is a new development then I agree it is probably a B2 deficiency. What feed are you using? As mentioned adding vitamins will fix the issue and you will start to see improvement if you start treatment now.

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