9100 Chick-Bator 110V

if its the little yellow dome thing, then no. Search your local craigs list for a used incubator. If you can spend $50 then get a hova-bator, cant go wrong with them. You can also build your own. Or if you have a good hen then they could do it for you.
My incubator would hatch my first chickies so no good broody yet! Do you have any personal experiance with the incubator or are you speculating?

have no personal experiance with that incubator, but I haven't ever read a good review on it. I would think that with it being so little, and plastic that you would have a hard time hatching anything in it.

I have a LG still air with a turner, and I hate it, and do not have good luck with it. I really wish I would have gone for the more expensive hovabator, and saved myself some time, money, and eggs. I plan on buying the Hovabator Genesis 1588 sometime this spring.
Thanks everyone has sung the 1588's praises so I might just have to take the plung! I just figured that since you can only fit 3 eggs that was why no one used it! Thanks

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