9Volt doesn't like the newbie, hmm


Apr 18, 2018
Upstate SC
9Volt's our OEGB couch roo. We've gone through a series of Brahma pullets and he had wonderful relationships with all of them, down to the tidbitting stuff and nighttime snuggles (the last is grown and out with the big girls now). My daughter got 2 Barnevelder chicks 6 weeks ago; one died the second night, leaving Robin (nice ambivalent name, huh? LOL). After a week, we thought it was time for a short intro and 9V hated the newbie from the start, even down to dilophosaurus neck feather flaring. :-o It's been over a month now and he will not tolerate the chick anywhere near him, even trying to peck when they manage a face-to-face. We're all mind-blown. 9V was the best babysitter on the planet; could it be that Robin is a cockerel and 9V knew it when Robin was barely a week out of the egg? :-o
We really don't know yet. My daughter did her research, though, and she says Barnevelders are notoriously difficult to sex when young. My bestie suggested the idea that maybe 9V already figured it out. We thought it would be a kick to knock a month off the sexing if our couch roo has already determined Robin to be a "he." LOL!
Oh yeah, he's way too young to be around adults. Verging on teen but still a chick. Any interaction was highly monitored, and since the reaction is always negative, we're not going to try to "make them friends." ;) 9V lives on the couch and Robin is destined for the coop. As for Robin, we'll post a pic in a couple weeks--I always check the "what sex is it" posts and I'm pretty sure s/he is just way too young, from watching other discussions. :)

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