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  1. Ok so i have 6 EEs and one is a roo for sure since he is gorgoeusly marked and has been crowing since he was 4 1/2 weeks old. Well I also have one lone ameraucana chick and one RIR chick that were hatched on june 5. The EE roo attacks my Ameraucana chick everytime I try to introduce them. my question is does that mean my ameraucana chick is a roo too and my EE doenst like him or what? He doesnt even notice the RIR chick. The EE's are only like 3 weeks older than the ameraucana and rir chick. Any input is greatly appreciated.
  2. anyone?
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    * Maybe the chick is a roo, too??? Just a thought.
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    It doesn't necessarily mean it is a roo. I have some hens that can pretty mean to other young hens and cockerals sometimes. It could be he is just establishing his pecking order. Only time will time if you have another roo. Good luck!! [​IMG]
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    We were told that to introduce babies into the flock, to build an enclosure of chickenwire big enough for the chick to stay in a couple weeks IN the coop with the others....
    they all get to live together and get used to each other without physical contact... after a couple weeks-- they should be fine to let loose with the others!

    Have fun!!!!
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    Quote:This is the method I've been using, and it has worked very well for me.

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