A Big Hello from small farm in NC


7 Years
Oct 13, 2012
Hello to all:
I am located in NC. I am looking forward to communicating with BYC members.
I joined because everytime I needed answers this site came up. I have a small farm and I love hatching and raising chickens. Looking forward to buying, selling, and meeting others.
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:welcome I'm on the NC thread, Glad to meet you :frow I live about 2hours from you near Lake lure, Chimney rock. Just a heads up… Everyone on this site is kind, understanding and just plain Awesome! ;)
Hi and welcome, look for the NC thread under Where am I? Where are you? and join that so you can keep track of happenings in NC. I am in Roanoke VA! Yes we are all crazy chicken people!! Love my girls and wish I could have a boy (roo that is!)
Thank you for the welcome.
What kind of roo would you want if you could have one?
Have a great afternoon.

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