A bit concerned about Goldie (sexing)


Nov 25, 2020
So, I bought Goldie as a red sex link, paid for a female. The more I read about sexing young pullets and cockerels, though, I am a touch concerned.

Goldie's tail feathers grew out after the others did, but they're all different breeds. Her comb is more pronounced than the others. She has tiny wattles developing, and they are a very light blush pink. But... She's red. And sex link boys are white-ish, right? I dunno. She's also the most adventurous. She's the most tolerant of handling, but the stink-eye she throws is POWERFUL.

For reference, they hatched on or around 11/2. So they're all approximately 6-7 weeks old.

BYC, I invite you to either confirm my fears or tell me I'm crazy nutso. Pics attached. Will do my best to get better pics if these are not good enough.


Edit: they're all in the super ugly teenage stage and I LOVE IT!!!!
I really don't know... I could call that either white or red....
I'm thinking you may have to wait and see at 12 weeks to see if male-specific feathering comes in...
Oof. Oh boy. Well, if Goldie turns out to be a boy, that's... Not great. Not allowed roosters within city limits. Here's hoping girl 😬

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