A bluebird told me


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May 3, 2009
New Jersey
That spring is coming. Middle of last week a cardinal proclaimed this event from the top of a large pin oak in the hedgerow to the West of my home. Today I heard a buebird singing-"spring is coming." I looked in the direction the music was coming from and saw him sitting on top of a bird house. Just as I looked, his mate popped out of the house and away they flew. House shopping has started.
This is spring # 70 for me. Each one is sweeter than the last.
Your bluebirds told me they were making sure there were no Imp tracks in the neighborhood.
I have a broody Muscovy! Silly duck, we just had 6-8 in. of snow fall! We will be having temps in the 50's this week! Which usually means march will go out like a lion!

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