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  1. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~Plot~~~~~~~~~~~~

    Gaea, the earth goddess, has reclaimed her land with earthquakes, tsunamis, tornados, and many other things, now the world has settled, and the surviving humans have built new cities, however, the humans aren't very "human" anymore. They've grown wings, tails, ears, scales, gills, horns, and many other animlistic traits,but now everyone is fighting about who the superior race is, so, the government has placed everyone in different cities, to keep them from fighting. But, more changes are coming, a large group of kids, ages ranging between ten and twenty, are going about the cities recruiting people, so together they can build their own city, one were everyone will live in peace. Will you join the people who are fighting for equality or will you stand against them?


    A large aircraft lands in the middle of the city you have grown up in, people gather around, murmurs spreading through the crowd, the door to the aircraft opens and some transportable stairs unfold, leading the the ground, a girl appears in the doorway, followed by another, they walk down the steps and look at everyone in the crowd. "Who here believes in peace and equality?" The first girl asks, she has short, dark brown hair and brown eyes, she wears a plain, blue t-shirt and a pair of olive colored cargo-pants, "raise your hand." She says, watching the crowd, you, and multiple other people ranging in age raise your hands hesitantly, the girl scans the crowd and nods. "Then come with us, we will build a city, a place where everyone can live and be equals, no one will be better or worse then anyone else, we will live in harmony and help each other, what do you say?" You and all of the kids who raised their hands cheer. "Come with us and we will live together!" Motioning for you and everyone else to follow she makes her way back to the aircraft, the other girl following her.


    Leaders: (Currently, taken by me) Lucy Pines and Elliot Tyne

    Followers: (those who follow and support the leaders (Unlimited)

    Medics: (Those skilled in healing) (four, all open)

    Guides: (Those who can read the constellations)(Four, one taken) Nalik

    Spies: (Those who live in the cities and gather information for the leaders)(Ten, all open)


    The winged: Generally proud people who like order, there are some rebels who live in the streets and allies waiting for a chance to leave, the winged, as their name implies, have wings (No butterfly or dragonfly wings)

    The animalistic: They are peaceful and kind, they're athletic and quick, and all have animal ears and tails.

    The horned: They tend to be tough and violent, with horns of bulls, rams, deer, and other creatures, they fancy themselves the strongest of the races

    The feesh: These people are quite colorful, they have gills and can breathe underwater, and they can live on land too, they have faint, skin-colored scales on their arms and legs and many people of this race like using colorful, skin safe dyes to color and bring out their scales.

    The scaled: Like the feesh, only they dont normally paint their scales, have gills, and they arent to fond of water, these desert-dwellers prefer solitude


    The City of Flight: This is where The Winged live, a big city like New York with clean streets and tidy buildings its a very nice, clean, safe city to live in

    The City of Anim: A smaller city then The City of Flight it looks normal, its not all crisp and clean like The Winged's city but its very nice

    The City of Strough: A city bigger then Anim but smaller then Flight, Strough is a place where there are many fights breaking out, there are many gangs around and it seems to be a very poor city

    The City of Gieled: Where the Feesh live, right on the edge of the sea, wth some cabana's being built over the sea, Gieled is very bright and colorful.

    The City of Styn: Out in the middle of the desert of Nolan, there is a small, sandy city, built around a large oasis, the citizens keep to themselves most the time.




    _Be nice to everyone
    _Keep everyone included
    _If you read the rules, put "bananana" in the "other" section of the form
    _I am the maker of the thread, what I say goes
    _Dont RP until I accept your character
    _I know its tempting but please no HS characters
    _If I ask you to change something in your form, please do.
    _The characters can have pets, but ask me first
    _Follow all of BYC rules
    _No godmodding
    _No magic powers
    _Dont kill someone elses characters without their consent
    _Dont control others characters
    _I can and probably will kick you out of the rp if you break any of my rules or any BYC rules
    _No speed healing, it will take a real day to a real week for a wound to heal, depending on how bad it is
    _Add an extra "na" if you read the rules


    Last Name:
    Picture: (If any, picture MUST go here, erase this when submitting the form)


    Name: Lucy
    Last Name: Pines
    Age: 15
    Gender: F
    Appearence: Long, light blonde hair, green eyes, she's 5'0" tall, pale skin
    Personality: ((WIP
    Rank: ((WIP
    Race: Winged
    Likes: ((WIP
    Dislikes: ((WIP
    History: ((WIP
    Other: ((WIP
    Username: ZephyrWestWind
    Picture: ((WIP

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  4. Now accepting characters! PM me if you have questions or suggestions!
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  8. Name: Maria
    Last Name: Fittle
    Age: 15
    Gender: Female
    Appearence: Light brown hair, fair skin, green eyes, she's about 4'9" tall, well, short. cute small deer antlers
    Personality: Kind, she's laughs a lot and loves joke, however she can be serious.
    Race: Horned
    Likes: Fighting, good jokes, reading, playing, talking, storms, rain, lighting, fantasy
    Dislikes: Quiet, calm,

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