A children's book series about a duck!


7 Years
Jun 11, 2012
Central Maine
Our daughter was recently given a bag of books and within was one called, "Dodsworth in Paris." Written by Tim Egan, it's about a mouse ("Dodsworth") and his friend/pet duck (no name, just referred to as "the duck")... and all the trouble the duck gets Dodsworth into. It's a really cute children's book, with four short chapters, cute pictures and a funny story. If anyone has youngsters who love ducks as much as their BYC parents, I recommend looking into the series! (Heck, who am I kidding, I thought it was so cute I'd recommend it to those without kids, too. "Duck's honor!"

(I am in no way affiliated with anything mentioned here. I don't know them; they don't know me. I found a book about ducks I liked and wanted to share.)

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