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hi everyone,
am not new to BYC-but had disappeared for a while due to tinkering with so many different linux/unix operating systems,fatal errors from kamikaze adminning and losing sites in bookmarks.

came back recently and noticed the forum software had changed,along with the looks/that big chicken with an apron on logo.

remember quite a few members posts just by seeing their names or their avatars and sub titles-such as nifty chicken or [sorry for lack of name] the white karate kitteh with the 'great guru of yap' subtitle. :D -though wont be remembered because was more of a reader than poster.
when had logged in for the first time since then the other day,had noticed had lost all trace of having existed here, was there a database wipe with all the changes?
totaly love the banner design as it makes a far bigger point of urban/backyard chicken owning than ever!

am ywenty eight,and diagnosed with severe classic autism though am not intelectualy lower functioning if;like the autism specialists do- ignore the testing results and academic stuff.
also have global learning disability,epilepsy,reactive attachment disorder and other bits and pieces,and am living in specialist residential care for kids,teens and adults on the severe and profound spectrums of autism.
we have battery hens in the garden,unfortunately the last time was on BYC we had henny,penny and ethel-we only have henny now because some censored had left open both the coop and run door at night and our poor penny and ethel were torn into and buried by a hungry fox trying to feed its pup,have got understanding for them to,but its a hard situation because also loved penny and ethel so much,around the same time we also lost alot of chucks and ducks at our farm because of mothering foxes.

am not able to feel connections,or bonds with people,and see them as objects of the environment,but since the age of five have recognised and had extremely profound bonds with animals.
have grown up around cats,pet rats [when teen] and horses [in horse riding therapy,since ten] but have got care for everything from insects to animals considered pests-its funny because am completely lacking empathy but have strong morals for sticking up for certain groups such as most non human species, vulnerable groups such as disabled people,elderly or kids.

-chickens had come into life when had been transfered to this centre from the hell hole of another.
they became a huge part in life,along with cats and horses,both of which woud not be the same person in terms of disabilities if it wasnt for the interaction had had with them.
mum and dad are from ireland and grew up on farms with chickens for eggs so they are huge fans of them as well.

since last last year,was asked by the owner of this service-who is also a friend,if with the help of staff woud incubate chicks,she got all the stuff in but had spent a long time learning the basics,staff had turned instructions into what is called PECS so that it made it easier to understand,and am strongly thinking about making a PECS based manual/book for other chicken fanatics with developmental/learning/cognitive disabilities to have their own independance with incubation.
-was given a load of fertilised eggs for free by the owner of a dog that used to walk for him,all that had to do in exchange was wheel his almost empty wheelbarrow from his farm down to his house,awesome guy.
fastforward to last wensday we had four beautiful babies born,and one on thursday morning-one didnt develop any further than a few days old because had been watching it through candling and also found out about how egg shapes affect development-the egg was really pointy.

some of them are marans and some are light sussex,photos and videos can be found here-
our handyman has since put a heat lamp in hanging from a beam in the sealing so do not have bulky ladders in bedrom anymore.
staff said am exactly like a mother of human babies,and am very over protective of them in the same way. :D
they will be living in our garden when old enough!

because of where am living [an autism service and residential place],have chosen to name all the chicks after people who have done a lot for either recognition of autism and/or autism awareness,so we have
#kanner [named after leo kanner,he was the first person to research classic autism and make it a diagnosis though hans asperger had helped him].
#tito [named after tito mukhopadhyay,he is now an adult but was born in india fully non verbal and severely autistic-stereotyped and assumed to be stupid, he showed people he had an incredible talent with the written word and wrote a number of books].
#temple [named after temple grandin,a classic autistic with a amazing talent with animals and has wrote awesome relateable books like thinking in pictures,many call her an aspergan because she can technicaly speak & has a high inteligence which still show people have a lot of ignorance about those of us with classic autism].
#lorna [named after lorna wing,she created the term autism spectrum disorder,made people think we arent all the same just because we have the same label,she also translated hans aspergers work into english for the first time and also..started the UKs national autistic society].
the final chick was named blondie by staff,but a young friend of mine said atthe last moment if she coud be involved and call one annabel so
we are calling her both. :p

for some reason,they have deleted the older galleries,but this is self at the communication club run by our service once every month-
and if want to compare [to show am not pretending to be someone else as some very disturbed individuals on the net do]- http://theresidentialautist.blogspot.co.uk/2011/10/back-on-road-finaly.html

as for other interests besides animals and doing arty stuff for hobby,there arent really any,apart from linux,have been obsessed with it since the millenium,cannot beat a good linux distro and woud totaly recommend to anyone who likes checking out something intesting to look into DEFT and matriux,have installed both of these on a USB stick,along with pearOS,porteus,backbox,slackopuppy.... and had been so impressed with matriux; ended up getting completely rid of windows again and installing it to HD,am classed as a hacker and have been for several years though do not like labelling self as one because it feels like being part of the tacky hacker culture,am into penetration testing and have never done anything that the media stereotypes hackers as-ie,damaging,stealing credit cards etc. have helped many a company and private developer become aware of exploits in their website before blackhat hackers got hold of them; including the autism service am in.
----sorry for the long post,this is especialy a problem after night meds,thanks for reading. :D
-from emma
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Welcome back. Are you aware of Temple Grandin, and have you read any of her books. She is a veterinarian and is far from lower functioning autistic - very impressive lady.
Welcome back to BYC! Very cool about the new chickens you incubated and hatched - love the names! Glad you were able to get back on the group.
Hi and welcome!

I'm a fairly new member here from Australia but I enjoyed reading your post just here, especially the names of your chicks!

I have Asperger's Syndrome myself, my father and my younger sister both have High-Functioning Autism and two of my cousins have Classic Autism. Not to mention countless other relatives with undiagnosed AS and HFA... I don't really have much knowledge about people who have done a lot for autism so I enjoyed reading about those people you mentioned.

I guess it works both ways, though... lots of people don't know what Asperger's is so sometimes I just say 'autism' so as not to confuse them... and then people think I'm both low-functioning and a complete idiot. I say those as two seperate things because some of the smartest people I know are low-functioning Classic Autism folk. I'm in a music group with a bunch of teenage girls with ASD, ranging from a couple of really low-functioning girls to me, I think I'm the highest-functioning... which is pretty redundant terminology if you ask me because one of the low-functioning girls is the most brilliant musician I know.

Anyway, I find it easier to relate to animals than humans, too... humans are just so confusing! Animals are straight-forward... they come and snuggle up to you if they like you, and the hiss/peck/run away if they don't. Humans might seem nice and they're not, or the other way around. And animals are easy to please... just feed them and spend time with them. Humans, you can think you're doing the right thing and they'll turn around and yell at you! I will never understand...

Might I also point out to people who have been asking about Temple Grandin, Fur&Feathers did say that one of the chicks was called "Temple" after her.

So I've just written a pretty long post and I'm sorry,
from Rachel.

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