A coop-building suggestion


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10 Years
Oct 14, 2009
My coop stands three feet above the ground, so the chickens have some covered space, underneath, to gather in bad weather. They like that. Since the floor of the coop is at about waist height, I put pans beneath the roosts to catch manure, and have long, low doors in the side of the coop that open so I can remove the pan. The cheapest pans I could find were big oil-change pans at an auto supply store. I found them, alas, after I built my coop, and I'd already built the space under the coop too large for the pan. That means that most, but not all, of the manure falls on the pan. For the rest, I have to reach my hand in with a garden trowel. I wish I'd built the space under the coop to exactly fit those pans. Here's my suggestion: Find the pans you're going to use before you built the coop, and build the coop to fit them.
Great plan. Hindsight is always 20/20.
Two coops later and always "forgetting" to do something.

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