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Mar 2, 2010
Hello ! I am new to hatching and have a few ?'s. I had a couple of chicks hatch last night(19th day) they were active for a while then became very larthargic and hardly moving, what could be the problem? How long should they be kept in the incubator after hatching? Should the turning grid be removed and the eggs set on the bottom of incubator? The rest of the eggs are starting to pip. Thanks!!


CrescentWood Farm
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Apr 25, 2009
Western Pa
Chicks will rest & sleep alot for the first few days after hatch. Just make sure they are warm enough and have food & water if they are in a brooder.
I keep my chicks in the 'bator until the hatch is complete... up to 3 days.
If eggs are starting to pip, don't remove anything from the 'bator! leave it as it is & don't open it. Opening the incubator can cause your humidity to drop making it very difficult for the chicks to hatch.

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